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Flowering Shrubs & Plants

Shrubs & Plants for Every Season

Cleeve Nursery has shrubs for every season and every position – from sunny to shady, dry to moist. Shrubs can give your garden form and shape, structure and height. A shrub or bush is a plant with multiple stems but shorter than a tree (less than 5–6 m [15–20 ft] tall). Some will lose their leaves in winter [deciduous] and others keep them all year round [evergreen]. Many have coloured leaves as well as flowers and fruits.

Many shrubs provide natural screening and privacy. But shrubs can also be low plants such as lavender and periwinkle. Dwarf flowering shrubs are ideal for patio containers, low borders and rockeries.

A garden full of carefully chosen shrubs can be scented, good to touch or can attract birds and insects. And if it’s colour you want, don’t just think of flowers – many shrubs produce stunningly brilliant berries, have vividly coloured autumn foliage or bright stems in winter.

Shrubs that Flower in Spring

Shrubs can provide colour, flower and scent in spring before herbaceous perennials have woken from their winter sleep. Yellow Forsythia is one of the first to flower on bare stems that are later dressed with fresh green leaves. Varieties of Japonica (Chaenomeles or ornamental quince) have oriental looking red or white flowers. Camellia and Magnolias have some of the most spectacular blooms of all plants!

At Cleeve Nursery we grow many other spring flowering shrubs.

Shrubs that Flower in Summer

Hydrangea, Hypericum, Hebe, Potentilla, Cistus, Buddleja, roses and of course lavender all provide lots of colour in summer.

Many are very easy to grow and require low maintenance.

We have many more varieties and of course our experienced and horticulturally trained staff will help you make the right choice.

Shrubs that Flower in Autumn

Less shrubs flower in autumn but there are some that do!

Caryopteris, hardy plumbago, hardy Hibiscus, Abelia, Fuchsia and some of the summer flowerers too!

Of course, lots of shrubs have brilliant autumn colour from their leaves. Japanese maples, Amelanchier, Berberis and smoke bushes [Cotinus] excel then.

Shrubs that Flower in Winter

Any flower is welcome in winter and many of these have really strong sweet scent too.

Viburnum, Mahonia, witch hazel, Daphne and shrubby honeysuckle are hard to beat.

Of course, evergreen shrubs really come into their own at this time of the year.

Meet The Cleeve Nursery Team

At Cleeve Nursery we don’t just employ staff we employ people that love gardening and thats why we are a happy family of individuals who, with over a 170 years of combined experience, guarantee the friendliest and professional service and advice.

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