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Herbaceous Perennials

Perennials are ornamental plants that live for more than one seasons and many gardeners like them because perennials return year after year. Most of the perennials sold at Cleeve Nursery are hardy – they can stay out in the garden all year round and are resistant to frost. Virtually all are grown in pots so that they can be planted any time of the year but autumn and spring planting are the best times.

Herbaceous perennials die back to a rootstock in winter where next year’s shoots are protected. In the spring, as the soil warms up, the plant starts to grow back. Perennials can be as delicate looking and as varied as annuals, they come in every shape and size, and are available for every season and climate, giving a burst of colour around the same time each year.

Long blooming and repeat blooming perennial flowers, especially in large blocks of colour, give you the most impact for your money, whilst a specimen plant as a centre piece can be stunning. We can supply you with low maintenance, easy care perennial plants; hardy perennials that will survive harsh winters; shade-loving or drought-tolerant perennials and those that don’t mind sitting in puddles.

There are tall perennials for the back of your borders, ground-cover perennials and tiny alpines for your rockery. Every one of them is grown with care and that special expertise that you can rely on at Cleeve Nursery. With all this variety, our staff can help you choose the perennials that will suit your garden and help you narrow down the flowers that are just right for you.

Sun-Loving Perennials

Where the sun is on your border the whole day we have perennials that will lap that up! We have a section devoted to these plants and often these are happy by the seaside too. Amongst the range at Cleeve Nursery, you will find lavender, Sedum, Anthemis, Achillea, Salvia and lots of others. At least a dozen Penstemon varieties are grown at Cleeve Nursery.

Shade Loving / Tolerant Perennials

Foxgloves, Anemone, some hardy Geranium, Solomon’s Seal and Lily of the Valley are just a few of the perennial plants that we grow that like shade. Of course
Hosta, with their large and impressive fleshy leaves, grow in shade or partial shade. Less common Epimediums are a Cleeve Nursery specialism. Hellebores, with their very early spring flowers, are another specialism with Cleeve Nursery’s own Ciderhouse Strain being highly prized.

Drought Tolerant Perennials

Once established, many perennial plants will thrive even in very dry conditions. Sedum [ice plants] store water in their leaves but when in flower are a magnet for bees and butterflies. Hardy salvia, Artemisia, Gaura, thyme, Verbena and Verbascum provide a great variety of colour shape and form and will put up with dry conditions.

Low Maintenance Perennials

With busy lives, many gardeners are looking for easy to manage plants that require little or no attention. Low growing Cotoneaster, Juniper, Euonymus, Pachysandra and Epimedium give good attractive ground cover. Again a themed display of suitable plants, backed up by Cleeve Nursery’s extensive experience in this area, will help you to make the right choice for your garden.

Perennials That Attract Wildlife

Our gardens have become an exceptionally important place for wildlife!
Planting perennials that provide nectar for insects, food for pupae, shelter and nesting material for birds and berries and seeds to help wildlife through winter is not only important but provides us with the opportunity to see this wildlife up close.

The trained and experienced staff at Cleeve Nursery will help you to choose wisely without compromising the decorative aspects of your garden too.

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