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Flower bulbs are easy to grow! Once planted, flower bulbs will go on flowering year after year. We carry an extensive range of spring, summer and autumn flowering bulbs. Many are UK grown with English grown daffodils available from August to October as great value cram-a pot offers. From Holland we have a huge range of Dutch tulips, crocus, allium, amaryllis and snowdrops too. Summer and autumn flowering bulbs are in store Jan-March so there is always a chance to buy bulbs and a good choice of bulbs to plant at Cleeve.

Watch a short video on layered planting in pots.


Snowdrops may be the harbingers of spring, and there is always a thrill in spotting the first of them, but daffodils really trumpet the news that spring has arrived! From tiny miniatures to stately standards, daffodils lift the spirits with their glowing, golden, nodding heads. Ideal for naturalising in the garden, for filling a border or for providing an early show in pots, daffodils are excellent value for money – and the more you buy the better value they are.


Once so rare that, in the Netherlands from 1636 to early 1637, a single bulb could cost more than a house, the stately, beautiful tulip can still raise “Tulipmania” in our customers. Luckily, tulips are now affordable, and excellent value for money. Choosing tulips for your garden is made easy with our Perfect Partners range where our grower has paired the tulips that look best together.


The delicate purple, mauve, white or yellow cups of the crocus look good in tiny pots on your windowsill, around the base of containerised bushes and trees, or in swathes of colour across lawn or border. In fact, before the bigger bulbs hit their stride, crocus are the way to introduce jewel-like colours into your spring garden.

We also stock autumn-flowering crocus – good for naturalising in a sunny spot.


Allium bulbs produce those spectacular drumstick blooms, like exploding fireworks in late spring and early summer! Allium flower bulbs are available in autumn and as pot grown plants in spring so there is always a chance to plant bulbs of these perennial flower bulbs.

Other Spring Bulbs

From tiny and delicate to tall and stately, from understated pale greens to cheerful yellows and striking purples, many plants originating from across the world have come onto the market over the past few years – some will be a little unfamiliar, but all of them look good in the UK setting. Cleeve Nursery stocks a great range of these flower bulbs.

Summer Flowering Bulbs

Begonia, gladioli, lily, dahlia, canna, amaryllis and other perennial bulbs are spectacular. Most of them are ‘statement’ plants bringing vibrant colour and perfume to your summer garden. Generally they need a fairly warm well-drained sunny spot in the garden, whilst many of them can be grown in containers (look out for the pendulous begonia to make a great show in a hanging basket). Dahlia bulbs, and others from this group of perennial plants are back in fashion.

Autumn & Winter Flowering Bulbs

Varieties of amaryllis, planted in pots in autumn for winter flowering, are invaluable in the house. Paperwhite narcissi and specially prepared hyacinths are favourites for growing indoors for a Christmas and winter display. Tête-à-tête daffodils, dwarf tulips and crocus can also be pot grown for indoor decoration.

Outdoors, the autumn crocus and colchicum, reacts to the cooling of the soil by bursting into white, blue or mauve flower. They are particularly suitable for the rock garden and will naturalise if left undisturbed.

Hardy Cyclamen, both autumn and winter flowering, are fantastic for naturalising and the diminutive Cyclamen coum has few rivals for a great mid-winter display.

Footer Grass


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