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Christmas Trees

Fresh Christmas Trees

Fresh Christmas trees from Cleeve Nursery will set the scene for your perfect Christmas!

A 2m (7 ft) tree can take between 8 and 12 years to grow, which makes our cut trees very good value for money – choose the one that is just right for your room.

Cleeve Nursery has a remarkable selection of cut fresh Christmas trees, from the traditional Norway Spruce with its characteristic forest scent to the needlefast non-drop types such as Fraser and Nordmann fir. The Nordmann Fir – the original non-drop tree with soft, wide and flat, dark green needles- are now the most popular fresh Christmas trees. The branches form a wide cone and are not too dense.

Or why not buy a living tree and plant it outdoors after Christmas where it can be enjoyed and decorated for decades? Fresh Christmas trees in containers can also be kept on a porch or patio and brought in every year. We sell small living trees that have been grown in pots.

All our trees are taken from renewable sources, are ethically produced and locally grown. Remember that real fresh Christmas trees grown in the countryside will always be replaced by more young trees. Buying fresh Christmas trees from us supports the rural economy too.

Care of your Cut Tree

We always recommend that you put your tree in plain water (not a soil or sand mix) and keep that water topped up by around 2–3 pints daily. Even though the tree has no roots, it drinks through pores in its bark, taking up water by capillary action in the same way as a cut flower. If the water drops below the trunk, sap will reseal the pores and the tree will die, the needles become dull and brittle, eventually falling. You can rely on Cleeve Nursery to sell you a freshly cut tree that, with a little care will stay at its best throughout the festive season.

Store your tree in a cool, sheltered spot and delay bringing it in till the last moment if possible. Before you bring it in, saw one inch (3cm off) off the bottom and plunge the cut end of the trunk into a bucket of water. For safety, stand the tree in a properly designed holder, away from radiators or fires.

We stock Christmas tree stands that stabilise your fresh Christmas tree and have an easily reached reservoir that holds sufficient water to keep your tree in perfect condition.

Care of your Potted Tree

If you wish to keep your pot grown tree alive to grow on for another year; delay bringing it inside as close to Christmas as possible and take it out again soon after the celebrations are over. Try to acclimatise the tree in a cool room, so that coming into the warmth of the house and returning to the cold garden is not too much of a shock for it. Water it and care for it as for any house plant. Please remember that the pot has holes in it – when you purchase your potted tree, why not buy a saucer to stand it on?

Cleeve Nursery has a wide range of Christmas wreaths and other festive greenery – and every home deserves a beautiful poinsettia at Christmas.

Do visit our shop for gorgeous gifts and stunning festive decorations. 

Pre-Order your Christmas Tree

We will have your tree ready for you to collect or we can deliver for free within 10 miles (delivery available up to approximately a 20 mile radius for a reasonable charge). However, we will be unable to deliver trees in the Bristol Clean Air Zone. 

If you reserve for collection you can choose a free Christmas decoration* from our beautiful range when you collect your tree. (*up to the value of £5)

Christmas trees 2023 prices and sizes:

Cut Trees
120-150cm Nordmann Fir
150-175cm Nordmann Fir
175-200cm Nordmann Fir
200-225cm Nordmann Fir
225-250cm Nordmann Fir
250-300cm Nordmann Fir
120-150cm Norway Spruce
150-175cm Norway Spruce
175-200cm Norway Spruce
200-225cm Norway Spruce
225-250cm Norway Spruce
150-175cm Fraser Fir
175-200cm Fraser Fir
200-225cm Fraser Fir

Potted Trees are available in the garden centre.

Christmas Trees
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