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Ferns, Grasses & Bamboo


No longer relegated to the wooded or wild garden, ferns are back in vogue!

We grow over 20 varieties of hardy fern and many of these are British natives. Some still crave the moist damp and darker areas of the garden whereas others are perfectly happy in the border among other perennials and shrubs.

Indeed, many of the ferns that we grow will tolerate surprisingly dry places in summer. All are virtually trouble free with rarely a pest or disease attacking them.


Ornamental grasses are an integral part of the trend towards more relaxed, more natural looking flower gardens.

Steppe and prairie planting styles rely heavily on ornamental grasses but many grasses and sedges have a place among shrub and perennial borders where they compliment the brighter colours of herbaceous perennials so well.

We grow at least 40 varieties of grasses and are always on the look out for improved forms.


Bamboo has the ability to provide seclusion, filter street noise, provide all year round interest, reflect light and provide movement in the garden. Bamboo plants can also provide a focal point in the garden around which other good foliage plants can be grown for contrasting look and texture.

You don’t have to have a bamboo or Eastern themed garden to grow bamboo because they fit right in with other shrubs and perennials.

Black bamboo and golden bamboo varieties are the most popular but we have a range of bamboo plants that are selected for their clump forming characteristics in the garden. Fargesia bamboo plants are very attractive and lend themselves to growing in gardens without the worry of them spreading.

Bamboo, often very large ones, are available all year round.

We stock and sell very strong bamboo root barrier that can be sunken into the ground to stop your bamboo plants from spreading to areas where you do not want them.

Here are three gardens in within a couple of hours drive from Cleeve Nursery that have good displays of well established bamboo plants and are well labelled. We recommend a visit!

Batsford Arboretum near Moreton-in-Marsh, Gloucestershire.

Sir Harold Hillier Gardens near Romsey, Hampshire.

RHS Rosemoor Gardens, near Barnstaple, Devon.

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