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Summer Colour & Summer Bedding Plants

Summer Plants for Colour!

Create a great display this summer with this great group of summer flowering plants.

Lets us guide you in your choices so that you keep the show going until late autumn!

Bring colourful plants right up to your doorstep or create a haven of colour and scent around your patio and barbecue area.

If your display starts to look problem! Just pop down to Cleeve and pick up some fresh colour! This group of plants is perfect for a garden party or bbq with friends and family. This range of colourful flowering plants make lovely thoughtful gifts too!

All are easy to grow and need very little skill to look after. Just water them regularly, give them a little liquid feed and remove flowers as they fade. This will encourage your plants to flower right through until autumn.


Marguerites are also known as Argyranthemum or even Paris Daisies. They are very easy to grow and will keep on blooming all summer if you regularly remove the old flowers as they fade.

Gone are the days when you can only have white marguerites and, whilst these are still very attractive, the choice is now much wider.

Choose from yellow, pink and even red shades and most colours are available as either double or single blooms.

Cape Dishes

Cape Daisies or Osteospermum are from South Africa but the varieties that we now have broaden the colour choices hugely!

These grow especially well in a sunny place in containers and, if you regularly remove fading flowers, feed them once a week [Miracle Gro] and water them often [not too much for this one], you will have a fabulous display all summer long.

The colour range with this summer Cape Daisy is much wider than the hardy Osteospermum we sell. There are warm oranges, yellows and even reds but cooler shades of whites and pinks too. Most even have a darker colour on the outside of the petal to the paler inside.


Fuchsias just go on blooming!

They enjoy cooler shaded spots in the garden but will also give great summer colour in sun if fed and watered regularly. Fuchsias really enjoy high potash liquid feeds such as Phostrogen and will produce even more flowers if fed once a week.

Equally happy in pots or in borders, Fuchsias are very easy to please. Some Fuchsias are hardy enough to leave outside in winter [but not if in pots] but most can be saved from year to year by bringing them inside over winter.

There are masses of good varieties and colours vary through shades of red, pink and white usually with combinations of two colours on each plant. A few have attractive variegated or coloured leaves too.

Nemesias & Diascia

Both Nemesia and Diascia flower all summer long. They have tiny, often scented blooms in their hundreds!

These Diascia and Nemesia will literally cover themselves with blooms but do not need the fading flowers to be removed.

Excellent in pots, baskets, window-boxes and even at the front of sunny borders, these are fantastic summer flowering bedding plants.


Begonias can be relied upon to perform well whether the weather is hot and dry or cool and wet!

New varieties of Begonia bedding plants have consistently been at the top of popularity charts with amateur, commercial and professional gardeners. This is because they can be relied upon to give a good show of summer colour regardless of what kind of summer we get!

Outstanding amongst the new varieties are the Million Kisses range which we use in our wall baskets. These just smother themselves with flowers!

Glowing Embers is a more upright growing variety which looks tremendous when planted in pots. The warm orange flowers contrast beautifully with the darker smoky coloured leaves.

Pelargoniums [Geraniums]

Geraniums, or more correctly, Pelargoniums need little introduction and, in contrast to Begonias, they just lap up a sunny dry spot.

Ideal for pots, window boxes or raised beds these need very little attention once established.

Bright scarlets, vermillion, salmons, pinks and of course pure white are the colours of these great summer bedding plants!


Verbenas can be split into two main groups – those that are hardy and those that are only half hardy.

All Verbena flower for a very long time. They are also very attractive to bees, butterflies and other insects.

The hardy Verbena need a well drained and sunny location to do well and this also helps them get through from one summer to the next. Verbena bonariensis and it’s shorter relative Lollipop are amongst our most popular plants fro borders. Verbena rigida is a great all summer long flowerer that is good for containers and for the border too!

We also grow trailing hardy Verbena that can be planted to create colourful ground cover or grown in hanging baskets as a trailing plant. They look especially effective trailing over a sunny well drained retaining wall.

Half hardy Verbena are popular hanging basket plants that can either fill a basket on their own or be mixed with other hanging basket plants.


Dahlias come in all colours and all heights. What they have in common is brilliant and dramatic colour!

Every colour in the rainbow is available and many are bicolour too. Flower shape varies from full double blooms right through to single ones [very popular with insects].

Plant these [as half grown pot plants] in summer in large pots or in borders close to your patio, deck or barbecue area.

Shorter Dahlias are especially good in pots when planted with complimentary [or contrasting] other summer flowering plants.

They start blooming in early summer and flower right through to the first hard frost of winter.

Dahlias also are good cut flowers.

Feed well and water often. Dahlias prefer a rich soil with plenty of feed.

Footer Grass


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