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Autumn, Winter & Spring Bedding Plants

Bedding Plants for Autumn, Winter & Spring

When summer is over, keep the show going with bedding plants and bulbs!

From September to March we sell great performing bedding plants that will cheer up even the darkest days.

For pots, containers, window boxes, hanging baskets and borders, our bedding plants and bulbs give a great display.

Winter Pansies & Violas

Winter pansies are still No.1 but lovely Violas are not far behind!

We have masses of colour choices of winter flowering pansies and violas and even some designer blends to make choosing easy.

The bright [or subtle] colours that pansy and viola plants offer make them firm favourites for autumn, winter and spring planting.

Don’t forget that many pansy and viola have strong sweet scent too!

Miniature Cyclamen

Cyclamen come in all shapes and sizes but the best for a great autumn display outside has to be the Miracle miniature Cyclamen.

These tough little beauties do best where there is a bit of shelter from the worst of winter and are especially good in window boxes and containers.

Many are mini Cyclamen are actually strongly scented and will flower strongly into the New Year.

Miracle cyclamen are available in every shade from dark maroon through soft pink to pure white. Some mini cyclamen are also two tone.

We also offer very hardy Cyclamen hederifolium [neapolitanum] and Cyclamen coum grown by English growers.


Some of our bulbs are so early flowering that they will even bloom in winter. Snowdrops, Scilla, Anemone, Crocus and early flowering tulips and daffodils will all go well with pansies, violas and miniature cyclamen.

Plant the bulbs of these early bloomers underneath and in between your autumn, winter and spring bedding plants for a continuous display.

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Old Favourites

Wallflowers, stocks, sweet williams, primroses and polyanthus all have lovely sweet scented flowers.

Plant these with tulips and other bulbs for a traditional show of great spring flowering bedding plants.

Great Foliage

Outstanding for winter colour are the Heuchera and xHeucherellas. These are a specialism of ours! At any one time we grow 20 varieties of Heuchera and xHeucherella and we are always updating our varieties so that we always have the best!

Ornamental grasses, variegated ivy, dwarf conifers, heathers, Cordylines and masses of other great foliage plants are grown by us for planting with bedding plants and bulbs.

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