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Primroses Polyanthus Primula


Primroses herald the arrival of spring!

Prim-rose is a derivative of the words first rose but, as varied, scented and colourful as roses they might be, primroses are regarded mostly as seasonal bedding plants or flowering garden perennial plants.

One thing that primroses have in common is that they are very easy garden plants to grow!

Primrose can be garden annuals, bedding plants, border perennials, native plants and even bog plants.


Bedding Primroses

Primroses have been the focus of plant breeders attention for many years and the resulting bedding plants now feature almost every colour you could imagine.

Many have extra large blooms, all are sweetly scented bedding plants and most will give instant colour to a spring garden.

Bicolor Primroses

Many newer varieties of primrose are bicolored. That is they have a different colour in the centre or on the edge of each flower to the main bloom colour.

Some bicolor primrose combinations are very striking and others have very complimentary colours.

Double Flowered Primroses

Primroses with double flowers have been around for many years but they have become popular again in recent years as a perennial border plant.

Packed with petals; there is a good colour range to enjoy as a windowsill plant, border plant, doorstep greeting or just to give to a friend as a seasonal gift!

These primroses are just as prolific at producing spring blooms but perhaps they lack the strong scent of the single bloom primroses.

Native Primroses & Bog Primula

The simple pale yellow native primrose [Primula vulgaris] can be seen in most shady hedge banks in the West of England in spring.

Wild primrose scent is strong, they are exceptionally hardy and this hardy perennial plant will colonise an area steadily. The relish a cool shady moist place.

Hardy bog primrose [Candelabra Primula varieties] produce spectacular blooms in late spring and summer.


Just like primroses, polyanthus have a big colour range. They also bloom in spring and are also scented.

Polyanthus have a cluster of flowers on top of a single stem, whereas primrose blooms are on single stems.

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