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Tomato Plants

Growing Tomatoes with Tomato Seeds & Tomato

Tomatoes are where most vegetable gardeners start their veg growing journey. Growing tomatoes with tomato seeds is the cheapest option especially if you have somewhere to protect the tomato plants at the early stages. Home grown tomatoes taste so much better than shop bought ones, especially when taken straight from the garden to the plate!

Visit us to buy Tomato Seeds or get more advice on growing Tomatoes.

Tomato Seeds

We have an extensive range of over 20 different tomato varieties including basket or container and greenhouse or outdoor growing types. We have cherry, plum, beef steak, yellow skinned and regular shaped ones too!

We are the main agents for Sutton Seeds and Kings Seeds, which mean we offer organic and standard tomato seeds.

Plant Tomato Seeds: Early March – May
Harvest Tomatoes: June – Sep

Tomato Plants

An alternative to sowing your own tomato seeds is to buy tomato plants from Cleeve Nursery. With over 10 varieties to choose from, this is an easy way to grow your own tomatoes.

Tomato plug plants are the easiest way to get started and will provide you with an earlier crop than seeds. Cherry/bush varieties are usually the quickest to mature and do well in containers such as large pots and hanging baskets.

Buy Tomato Plants: Early March – June
Harvest Tomatoes: June – Sep

Tomato Food & Tomato Feeds

Boosting tomato seeds or tomato plants is one way to ensure a plump, hearty crop. Tomatoes are hungry feeders and need plenty of potash and nitrogen. Liquid tomato feed is the best way to feed them and we always have some in stock. It also enhances the flavour!

Hungry tomato plants often have yellow and undeveloped leaves, slow growth and low fruit production.

Buy feed when you buy tomato seeds or tomato plants.

We stock a wide variety of tomato food and tomato feeds and all sizes to suit all budgets.

Tomato Resources

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