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Whether they are planted to cover unsightly objects, hang in scented bowers above your head or compliment other plants and climbers in your garden, this is an amazingly versatile group of hardy plants.

It’s a plant group that everyone can find room for!

We have a climber for just about every situation and aspect you could imagine.

Clematis is queen of the climbers, our biggest sellers – but climbing and rambling roses are not far behind. We also sell a surprising number of honeysuckles and the highly scented Jasmine. Wisteria is one of the most elegant of climbing plants, whilst roses are romantic and their flowers rich and prolific. And for magnificent reds in autumn, try Virginia creeper.

A wide range of all is always available!


There is a Clematis in flower every month of the year starting with the evergreen winter flowering cirrhosas. In very early spring another evergreen blooms as Clematis armandii starts and is quickly followed by it’s deciduous cousins the alpinas, macropetalas and montanas. The large flowered and double flowered varieties take us through summer to the easy going late flowered viticellas and texensis types. In autumn tangutica, x triternata and orientalis varieties take us through until the winter flowerers start again!

Raymond Evison is world renowned as a Clematis breeder and has many Chelsea Flower show Gold Medals to prove it! We stock some of his latest and most exciting introductions and most will produce more flowers than the ordinary varieties.

Choice of variety, planting method and subsequent pruning and care can make a big difference to performance so tap into our great experience in this area.

Team up with roses for a stunning combination; ask us for suggestions!

All plants are locally grown.

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Climbing Roses

As long as you are happy to have bare stems visible in winter, climbing roses in your garden can be the greatest joy when in leaf and flower, creating a dramatic and romantic vertical display that can be almost any colour you choose – and they are good value for money. Oh, and don’t forget the delicious nose-high scent too!

Team up with Clematis for a stunning combination; ask us for suggestions!

In stock all year round but best choice from March to July.

All British grown.


A traditional English cottage garden plant (commonly called woodbine), treasured for its strong perfume, honeysuckle has delicate trumpets coloured from yellows and creams to reds.

Loved by butterflies almost as much as by us, these will fill your garden with perfume of a summer evening.

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Ivy (Hedera) comes in lots of varieties, large and small in an assortment of leaf shapes, glossy green or variegated. When carefully managed it can be a beautiful addition to your garden, providing a superb ornamental plant to climb up your trees, fences, garden walls, or even your house walls. Ivy is also happy to grow in a pot in a shady spot where little else will grow.


Delicately flowered and exquisitely scented jasmine brings the Orient into your garden. There are yellow, pink and white flowered varieties with the pink in bud and white flowered Jasminum polyanthum and officinale having the strongest scent. Yellow flowered Jasmine nudiflorum has no scent but flowers in winter on leafless stems.

Commercially, the essential oil extracted from the flowers is used as a calmative and an aphrodisiac.


Wisteria is a woody climber of the pea family which is remarkable for its fragrant blue-violet, purple, pink or white blossoms in long, drooping chains [racemes]. These are 10 to 80 cm long and flower in May and June, just before or as, the leaves open.
All our Wisteria is either grafted, layered or from cuttings. This reduces the wait for the first flowers to appear.

Wisteria is an ideal climber for a pergola, large tree or for training on a south or west facing wall.

Other Climbing & Wall Shrubs

Virginia Creepers, Boston Ivies, Passion Flowers, Grape Vines, Russian Vines and even climbing potatoes and climbing Hydrangeas are stocked by us. We have many other less common climbers in stock all year round.

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